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The GIC Centre is the best resource to get the best rates to purchase your Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).

How Do We Find the Best Rates?

Our financial experts have over 20 years experience! They take time to source the highest rates available from our large network of Canadian banks, trust companies, and credit unions. Then, we bring the advantages of this network directly to you—daily!

Get a GUARANTEED Rate of Return

Adding a GIC to your portfolio is a great way to invest your money with a guaranteed rate of return. With a GIC, go ahead and sleep through the night while the market fluctuates, because your investment is guaranteed for the full term you set. 


How much should I invest in a GIC?

The GIC Centre offers you expert advice and the best terms for your situation.

You do not need to have a lot of money to benefit from a GIC.  Minimum deposits can be as low as $1000. Short-term deposits between 30 and 364 days normally require a minimum investment of $5,000. A larger investor with about $1 million could arrange for funds to be spread across a number of institutions. This ensures that the entire sum invested benefits from insurance like CDIC or CUDIC.

See more information about GICs, benefits, and deposit insurance terms for BC and across Canada:

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