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Comparing Bank GIC Rates with the GIC Centre

Why does GIC Centre offer better rates than the big banks?

Are you considering a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)? If one of your priorities is to safeguard your funds while earning a predictable and stable rate of return, GICs are a great option. The next step is to approach your traditional bank or credit union, or engage an independent broker like the GIC Centre, which offers several advantages.

The GIC Centre is a hub of professionals who offer personalized service with no fees, and the BEST GIC rates available. Our expertise in financial planning ensures that we offer the best GIC rates available from Canadian banks, trust companies, and credit unions.

How Does the GIC Centre Get the Best Rates?

To source the best rates, we survey the vast network of financial institutions and post them online. Similar to the way mortgage brokers work with multiple lenders, we deal with a variety of financial institutions, and effectively act as a middleman with the public. By working with financial institutions—which benefit by not having to operate branches of their own—we are able to offer slightly higher interest rates. Doing the footwork across a wide network of financial institutions enhances opportunities for our clients.

How Do GIC Centre Rates Compare with Your Retail Bank?

GIC rates are on average 1% – 1.5% higher than your retail bank. You do not need to have a lot of money to use a deposit broker’s services. Minimum deposits can be as low as $500.

Clients who purchase their GIC through the GIC Centre take advantage of the highest rates from our extensive network of financial institutions—with absolutely NO FEEs. On top of finding you high rates on GIC products, our deposit brokers can help you to implement a GIC laddering strategy, track maturities of investments, and deal in other products. Additional benefits include:

  • Personal service with over 150 Associate Offices across Canada
  • Our commitment to sourcing the highest rate of return for our clients’ GICs
  • Deposit Insurance from $100,000 (CDIC), 100% guaranteed (provincial CUDGC)
  • GIC Centre is a member with the Registered Deposit Broker Association (RDBA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Code of Ethics

The GIC Centre team is guided by a set of values and principles that enable us to provide the best GIC purchase solutions that help improve your financial future.

Have Questions?

Contact the GIC Centre today—we are here to help grow and protect your wealth, and offer the GIC rates available.


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